The Inclusive Interview Integration App

This intergration app will broaden your talent pipeline and reduce time to fill metrics

Integration Apps for Webex and Zoom

Works with the tools your team uses to support interviewing and remote work

Inclusive Network
Above Score
Elev8 Score
Personality Traits

Support a more diverse and inclusive hiring strategy

Objective data, not AI, to identify bottlenecks within your D&I initiatives

Assessment Image
Assessment Image

Real people | Real Data

Interview insights are surfaced from interviews you're conducting on either Webex or Zoom.

The insights generated are better than AI as it's real data from real people


Directional data to support coaching

Behavioral data to recognize tendencies that might be impacting time to hire metrics

Real data from your organiazation's interviews that will broaden the talent pipeline

Do you have remote or virtual team members?

Our Inclusive Hybrid Work App integrates easily with either your Webex or Zoom account easily

The Inclusive Interview Integration App

Improves interview efficiency while fostering a truly inclusive approach to hiring

Drives Diversity

Drives Diversity

Unifies hiring decision makers around suitable selection criteria.



Structured to support a more inclusive team based hiring approach

Improves Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience

Shortens the interview process, speeds up decision making

Dashboard view of team member, to include hiring manager, impact on the candidate experience

Inclusive Network

Gain access to active candidates within a new format to both promote diversity hiring and to reduce time to fill metrics

Promoting improved diversity and inclusion among organizations can be better realized with a community effort

Interviews conducted with excluded applicants are no longer wasted time. These interviews are repurposed, with AI tools to hide the interviewing organization, to not only bring efficiency to screening activities, but to support diversity and inclusion across the employer spectrum

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