Zoom Meetings + Inclusive

Improve diversity and broaden the talent pool with the Zoom Inclusive App

Interviewing on Zoom?

We have a Zoom app for that! Improve interview D&I outcomes with Zoom and Inclusive HR

Dashboard view for measuring team member moments of unconscious or implicit bias
Dashboard view for measuring interviewer, to include hiring manager, impact on the candidate experience
Dashboard detailed view of one team member, possibly a hiring manager, and their potential moments of unconscious bias or implicit bias

Zoom Meeting Conducted Interviews

Interviews conducted on Zoom meetings will be analyzed via Inclusive's AI to publish dashboard views around hidden bias and individual candidate experiences

How We Help Your Organization

We assist companies by providing directional recruiting data and insights. Data to coach team members on unconscious bias and candidate experience while spending time with the most likely to succeed candidates.

Dashboard view of various team members as to their potential moments of unconscious or implicit bias as found during interviews

Measure Hidden Biases impacting Recruiting KPIs

Zoom Meeting conducted interviews can be measured for hidden biases to produce coachable data


Larger Talent Pools
Improved Company Culture
Improved Company Brand
Dashboard view of team member, to include hiring manager, impact on the candidate experience

The Zoom Inclusive App & the Candidate Experience

By measuring the candidate experience you improve D&I by broadening future talent pools as negative experiences posted on social media are reduced

The Result

Larger Talent Pools
Reach New Candidates
Reduced Impact on Company Brand and Lost Revenues.
Profile of a candidate's Inclusive HR psychometric assessment, which is benchmarked against each company's own culture and is role specific

How to Get Started with the Webex Inclusive App

  • Visit the Webex App Hub and sign into your Webex account

  • In the Search Apps field (top of page), search for Inclusive HR and click on it in the results list

  • On the app’s, overview page, click on the Learn More button.

  • Select Authorize to allow Inclusive HR to collect meeting and meeting recording data.

  • #5. Follow this link to the Webex Integration Page, to configure your Webex account for Inclusive App optimization and use

  • For questions about the Webex Inclusive Integration App, please email help@inclusive.hr

    The Result

    Larger Talent Pools
    Improved Company Brand
    Broadened Diversity

    How It Works


    Benchmark employees to identify power skill assessments.


    Screen candidates via automated interviewing (Fair Screen or Fair Screen Lite (Phone only)).


    Interview candidates via live video chat (Impartial Interviewing or Impartial Interview Lite (Phone only)).


    We create a power skill assessment for the candidate as benchmarked against the role and your company identified power skill success factors.


    We inform you if there were moments of unconscious bias and if the candidate had a negative candidate experience.


    You end up with candidates who have the greatest likelihood of stickiness and success long-term and you improve your recruiting brand by continuously improving the process via data we highlight through unconscious bias and candidate experience insights.

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